Kindermusik Family Day

Thank you for those who applied to our Kindermusik Family Day! We have reached maximum number and have opened another session at 13:30 on the same day (only a few slots left for this time as well). If you would like to join us please email us right away!
Summer holidays are almost over but a new semester of Kindermusik fun is about to start!
Crescendo Kids Studio is organizing a Kindermusik® family day-a one-day class for parents, babies, and toddlers on the go! You get the same Kindermusik® fun and learning in the classroom . . . but a one-day class so you can try it out! Try out our our all-ages Kindermusik® class on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 10am, for free!!
You can enroll right away via email to reserve a spot at this special Kindermusik® event. I can't wait to meet you!


Sing and play with your music-loving child as they are exposed to new sounds, movements and sights, all while absorbing the English language. We would be delighted to have you join our every-growing community!
Kindermusik Family Day
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