【 Kindermusik 】
Kindermusik teacher
Kindermusik teacher
Nora grew up in Vienna, Austria. After studying Japanese at the University of Vienna, she moved to Tokyo to study Social Sciences at Hitotsubashi University.

Nora is passionate about languages and innovative ways to study them. She is fluent in English, Japanese and German. She started singing in her high school choir and just never stopped.

Nora was licensed as a Kindermuik teacher in 2016. She enjoys teaching Kindermusik classes because they are an opportunity to share her love for music and languages. Also they are just really fun!
【 Yoga 】
Yoga teacher
Yoga teacher
Miho Hayashi
Miho is a yoga teacher and English/Japanese translator. Her yoga focuses on teaching individuals to realize the value of their existence, from infants to adults.

Yoga is a tool for children to live through the modern society. The ability to empathize with one’s self allows children to learn to be kind to themselves, have compassion and gratitude to others, feel joy of being in the world, and to take challenges. Through her teachings she hopes children can enjoy their lives and live happily.

Trainings and Certifications:
・Lila Yoga Institute TT advanced course
・Ken Harakuma Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training
・Tomoko Kawahara Heart of Yoga Teacher Training
・Kaori Santosima Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
・Yoga Ed. Professional Institute 1 (yoga for 3-12 years olds)

Sakura Yoga authorised teacher
Kids yoga project WAPPY registered teacher
Child Culture Education JAPAN association inc. authorised kids yoga teacher
The Japanese Society of Physical Education of Young Children authorised teacher
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