Yoga Lesson

for children age 0〜8

A time for children and parents to refresh your body and soul
Kids yoga is not only a sports activity class that involves lots of exercise and core muscle training, but an educational one as well. This class helps improve your child’s mental strength such as increase in concentration, patience, and confidence, and emotional strength such as caring, affection, and thankfulness. Kids yoga has been gaining spotlight by experts who claim that it helps prevent teenage social issues such as bullying, social withdraw, and juvenile crimes. This class is taught in English. We also offer classes for parents – please come and join us for some active fun!
Mama Yoga
Mama Yoga
for children aged 0-2  Fridays 11:10-
This class approaches “mommy-specific” problems such as physical and mental exhaustion, pain, and pelvis strains. Releasing these problems can help you maintain balance in your body and soul. We can provide care for your child while you take this class. Please inquire in advance.
Kids Yoga
Kids Yoga
for children aged 3-8  Fridays 16:20-
This class involves lots of exercise as well as core muscle training. It helps increase your child’s balancing skills and prevents obesity. This class also helps increase your child’s mental strength such as concentration, patience, and confidence.
Mama Yoga
(for children aged 0-2)
11:10 -
Kids Yoga
(for children aged 3-8)
16:20 -
Lesson Price
Entrance Fee
¥10,000 (exc. tax)

Same fee for registration to multiple classes. This cost includes the fee for using the lounge.

Monthly Fee
¥11,000 (exc. tax)

Four classes/month. Monthly fees can be used for any class offered at Crescendo Kids Studio.

One-Time Class Fees
1 Lesson ¥3,750 (exc. tax)
free trial lesson
Come and see the fun and excitement!
Free Lesson Trial Campaign for New Members.

Discounts / Friend Referral 10% off
If a friend you introduce to Crescendo Kids Studio joins as member, you will receive a 10% discount on the next month’s class fee.

Discounts / Same Day Registration 30% off
Register on your trial day and receive this discount.

Discounts / Sibling Discount 50% off
Second child receives discount on membership fee.

Regarding Make-up Classes
If you miss a class due to any reason, you are eligible to make up for that class in any other classes offered at Crescendo Kids Studio, or you may join us at our monthly makeup class held irregularly every month (dates will be announced regularly).
There is no expiration for make-up classes. We are unable to refund fees for any missed classes.

Payment Method
Monthly fees will be automatically deducted from your bank account. We will ask you to fill out a form with your bank account information.
Monthly fees will be deducted from your account on the 20th of each month.
Due to time lag in processing the system, we ask that you pay the entrance fee and two months fee by cash or money transfer.
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